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Learnings from the Animal Kingdom
  • Over the coming months, Edward Cowell will be analysing and drawing on examples from the natural world and applying them to the sales environment.
  • Today he is asking you how we, as salespeople, can be more Orca and less Shark.....
  • 17.03.2020
    Planning for Success
  • We’ve done a number of videos, blogs and posts recently about how to be successful, how to increase performance and how to review success.
  • One of the commonalities across all these posts, featuring various members of the Strive team, has been the importance of planning in their success.
  • 12.03.2020
    Building on Success
  • In today's #ThursdayThoughts, we get Dylan Hoyle's thoughts on how he is going to keep building on his success - after winning February Consultant of the Month here at Strive
  • 10.03.2020
    How to get promoted
  • Today we put a spotlight on one of our top Headhunters, Dan Gorrod, to understand how he has achieved four promotions in just over 18 months.
  • 05.03.2020
    What is your brand?
  • As well as living your Company Values and representing your company brand, have you considered how your personal brand could impact your performance?
  • 03.03.2020
    Are you utilising all your skills to your benefit?
  • Have you thought about how your hobbies support your performance in work?
  • Have you thought about how your work performance support your hobbies?
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