***Five tips to prepare for an interview***


Dylan Hoyle had a record month for interviews in January - which meant he spent a lot of his time ensuring all his candidates had fully prepared for their interview.

We've summarised his 'top five tips' below:

Fully research the company:
What does product do? Where are they in the market? Who are their competitors?

Research the stakeholders who you will be meeting / potentially working with:
It is much easier to build a relationship if have some common ground with those you are meeting.

Ask questions:
This shows a natural curiosity as well as a willingness to learn - and should be a key point of the interview to ensure that not only are you the right person for the company, but also that the company is the right fit for you.

Prepare success (and failure) stories:
Be prepared to evidence your sales performance by discussing previous examples. Also prepare stories of failure and demonstrate how you have learnt and grown from these set-backs.

Know your CV and sales numbers inside out:
This seems an obvious one, but ensure you can clearly articulate your performance - including areas such as average deal size, average sales cycle length and performance to budget.

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