How to have more meaningful conversations with your prospects


Are you a Business Development Representative looking to having more meaningful conversations with your prospects?

We recently attended a Webinar by Drift, which tackled this exact topic and explained four key things you can do to help develop these conversations:

Know your Product
• Can you explain what your product does succinctly and in layman terms?
• Can you explain to your prospect how your product adds value to them and their organisation?
• Are you matching the features and benefits of your product to the areas that your customer cares about?
• Are you sharing ideas with your team – what has worked for you? What’s not? How have sales and marketing trends changed in the last quarter and have you adapted and evolved?

Prioritise by Engagement
• The concept of ‘only pitch decision maker’ is out of date – do you understand who in the organisation is a decision maker, but also who is an influencer?
• This influencer is likely to be the end user of the product – and will potentially be more engaged with you as they can see a direct impact to their every-day work. Are you engaging correctly with these key influencers and understanding their pain points and how your product can help?

Medium is the Message
• Are you connecting with your prospects using the correct medium?
• Are you tracking your own stats – do you know when you get the best engagement from emails, social media articles etc?
• Do you understand how your prospect likes to interact? And do you then interact with them in this way?

Prospect Personalisation
• AI allows us to be much smarter with the volume of people we can interact with – however a sales process can never be fully automated – it will always require a human connection.
• Are you trying to warm up every cold approach? Can you reference a previous conversation? Have you researched them on LinkedIn to establish any mutual connections or experiences?
• Remember that the ego trap is real – if are contacting someone following a meeting, a seminar, a webinar etc – are you referencing this and are you being specific e.g. including a quote or a takeaway you took from this?
• Have you thought about what approaches would work on you? And are you adapting these for us with your prospects?

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