Why work for Strive?


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Rather than tell you why Strive is a great place to work, one of our Consultants, Edward Cowell, has done the job for us - please read on for his honest views as to how he has come to work for Strive and how he has found the experience to date:

Many recruiters right now will be where I was this time last year - feeling lost and disillusioned, especially at the industry we are in and possibly the people we are working for.

Feeling as if all the hard work you have done, billings you have generated and time and energy you have invested into your work and business have been for nothing.

The climate was different then, there was no Covid, there was no crisis, but the core issues remained the same.

• I had exceeded billings - yet received little to no commission.

• I was promised promotion time and time again - yet it never appeared.

• I wasn’t valued and nobody listened. I felt like a number on a seat and nothing more.

• It always appeared difficult conversations were brushed under the carpet and hard truths were hidden away.

• I had always been there when the business needed me, stuck with them when times got hard. But when the role was reversed and when I needed something, there was nothing but excuses and ‘justifications’.

I felt let down.

Luckily for me I found Strive.

It’s hard to put into a few words how Strive restored my faith, and as many of you have found out, talk is cheap, and promises rarely translate to reality.

So, instead, I will tell you what has actually happened since I joined Strive last November

• I achieved a promotion within four months

• My first commission was a four-figure sum - and I am yet to receive commission below that. (Under their no-nonsense commission structure, you are paid what you are owed).

• Monthly progression plans and career path are tailored to me, with 1-1 mentoring with the Directors.

• My voice is always heard and views respected.

• I am part of the company vision and mission.

• When struggling or times are hard, they jump in the trenches with you and don’t get out until you’re over the top.

When the crisis hit, the jobs we could work drastically plummeted.

How many people did Strive make redundant - zero.

To quote one of the Directors, “I will sell the watch on my wrist before anyone loses their job.”

Not only did they not make any redundancies, they paid on all commissions as well.

They kept us in the loop with everything happening behind the scenes, even if it was hard at times.

How does compare to the reaction of your current or previous business?

Since March, I have watched as countless excellent recruiters have been made redundant, been told their hard earn commission will never reach their pockets and given little to no support from leadership who have shown how much they really value their employees.

The type of leadership which always demanded you go the extra mile but didn’t even make it to the start line when it came to supporting you.

So, if you want a company that:

Values you;

That will pay you your due;

That can keep calm when a crisis hits…

Then speak with Strive.

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