Why work for Strive?


Here at Strive, we pride ourselves on recruiting A Players, giving them world class training and on-going support - and then rewarding them with a market leading commission scheme.

Sounds too good to be true, luckily we have staff (and ex-staff!) who will publicly testify for us!

A recent leaver from Strive left us this amazing review on Glassdoor: 

My time at Strive was amazing . Brilliant company with great leadership, all the support, training and rewards you could want and more! The only reason I left was to pursue a different career in a separate industry.

The most thorough interview I've ever had. It was three stages. 1 phone call and 2 F2F, they are based in a weWork, which has a great vibe.

The interviews themselves were very thorough, and they know exactly what kind of person they want. Be prepared and remember you are interviewing with well-seasoned recruitment leaders, nothing will get past them.

When I joined, I received more training in my first month, than i did in a year at my old job. Every week there is relevant training, and each day starts with a flash training session.

You get quality training and 1-2-1 support if its needed. There are no box ticking exercises, everything that is taught is relevant and applicable.
The calibre of the training is like no other as well. It is not a full-time trainer who hasn't touched a phone in years but the founders who are experts at what they do and speak from successful experience not a generic training manual.

What is refreshing and rare with management is that they lead from the front, and will get in the trenches with you. They will be on the phone as much as the associate headhunters. A lot of what I learnt was from listening to them pitch and objection handle.

They are firm and fair, you can chat and have a laugh with them. Nothing escapes them though and they hate nothing more than someone lying to them.

If someone is genuinely struggling though, they will give all the help they can give. I have seen them turn inexperienced teenagers into quality headhunters in a matter of months. Which is another point, they hire on potential, not just experience. They are willing to give young people with no experience a chance, where many many others would not.

I even nearly lost a sizeable deal, they asked if me I made a mistake, I told the truth and they jumped in and fixed it and still gave me all the credit.

You have a fair amount of creative license on how to work each day as well, they aren't KPI hawks and care about results more than anything.

There is clear set in stone progression and no moving goalposts. I received a promotion and pay rise in the first 4 months. Progression is held accountable each month in 1-2-1's.

The commission structure was the best I'd come across, my first commission was 4 figures. It was clear and achievable as well with no hidden targets that reduce your earnings, you get paid on what you bill it's as simple as that.

They often did incentives as well, for Holidays to France or a £1k bonus etc. Again everyone had a fair chance at winning.

With Strive being early in their journey as well, most of the senior roles are yet to be made. For the right person there is no limit on how far you can progress with them, which was a key factor of why I joined them in the first place.


lt's a good tight-nit team with a blend of personalities. Never had an issue with anybody I worked with and everybody bounces of the others energy in the office.

They have a no idiots policy. I've never seen someone let go for having a bad month, but i have seen overachievers let go for a bad attitude.
The company culture and values are based on the All Blacks rugby teams culture and values. Read or google the book 'legacy' to learn about Strives culture.

Although the hours like most recruitment companies are longer than average, there isnt a culture of first in last out, what matters is what you do in the hours you are there.

For the full review please see here.

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