How have you adapted to change?


I bought a new car last week which arrives on Friday.

Why am I telling you this? Well, one, because I’m very excited!

But perhaps more importantly, because

I’ve bought it online.

I’ve not seen the car.

Or met the seller in person.

Yet I still feel completely comfortable in my decision (and I like to procrastinate a lot!).

How has this happened?

I don’t need to remind people that all of England is currently in a full lockdown – meaning of course all non-essential shops and premises have had to close. This of course includes car dealerships.

Of course, an option for these dealers was simply to do nothing – wait until they could re-open again and hopefully make up for lost sales and revenue over the rest of the year.

What have some of the more savvy dealers done?

 They’ve transformed their business process and model.

They’ve adapted swiftly to the ‘new normal’.

They’ve created a new customer service proposition.

In my case, I came across the car in a normal manner – on the wonderful Autotrader app!

Normally I would have booked a viewing directly with the garage. From there I would have negotiated my price, agreed any work to be completed to the car prior to purchase and arranged a date for collection.

In this instance, I instead did a video call with the sales rep who did a complete tour of the car with me – paying particular attention to what was wrong with the car, rather than what was right. Complete honesty and transparency about the flaws of the vehicle – as ultimately if I was there in person, this is what I would be examining.

We identified some scratches etc. that needed fixing – and I have had a video call since to see that these changes have been rectified.

I have seen all the usual paperwork electronically instead of paper copies.

I have signed my contract to purchase electronically instead of in person.

And my car will be delivered to my home in a COVID friendly manner.

This is of course a big purchase for our household so why do I still feel so assured that ‘all will be ok’?

They have been honest throughout the whole process.

They have communicated with me constantly during the process.

They have amazing reviews online – including similar instances to mine, where the car has been purchased remotely.

They have adapted quickly to a situation which gives me assurance they are top players in their market.

It got me thinking about how businesses have adapted over the last year – we’ve seen restaurants adapt to become a takeaway; retail increase their online presence and promote their click and collect services; bars offering remote cocktail making classes. 

Here at Strive, we have been on our own transformation journey too.

Whilst we are a relatively young company anyway, I have been staggered by the changes we have introduced to our company in order to adapt and to be able to continue to grow our business and still exceed the expectations of our Clients and Candidates.

What have we done?

Completely revisited our Value Proposition.

Reviewed and optimised all internal processes to ensure we are operating as efficiently as possible.

Embraced new technology to make sure we are able to operate in a more remote based world.

Communicated, communicated, communicated.


We’d love to share more about the journey we have been on – and how our new optimised model can support you in your company’s growth. Please reach out to a member of the Strive team for more information!

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