Why are we reluctant to seek external help?


As you may have seen from our previous blogs, it’s been a busy few weeks in the Dwyer Household.

New car…..COVID vaccinations…..And this week?

We have a decorator in tackling our house.

During the first UK Lockdown, like most people, we finally decided to tackle all the DIY that we “hadn’t had time for” in the three years we’ve lived in our current home. 

Ten months later – our house honestly looks worse than when we started!

Two bedrooms done to a poor standard – and a third that we started painting in November and still isn’t finished.

Roll on a new year, and I got frustrated.

Frustrated doing something I didn’t enjoy.

Frustrated doing something I’m not very good at.

Frustrated not having the time to do the job properly.

Frustrated at not having my house looking the way I envisaged it.

 So, I took action.

I hired external help.

We are two days into a five-day project, and he has honestly achieved more in those two days than we achieved in ten months!

Why? How?

 He is an expert in what he does.

He has trained and has significant experience in his trade.

He has evolved his work to ensure he is working SMART.

 As usual (!) it got me thinking.

 Why do we avoid obtaining external help?

 And why should we over-come our reluctance to seek external help?


As with my decorator, an external recruitment agency can dedicate their time to your project.

As a Sales Manager, you may be trying to hire internal staff as well as achieving your sales quota; as an Internal Recruiter, you may be working on a number of diverse roles.

Ultimately spreading yourself too thinly will slow down progress.

This increase in speed to hire can be particularly important for roles such as Account Executives where a high sales quota is in place – the missed opportunity cost can be significant.



As with my experienced decorator, an experienced Head Hunter will be an expert in what they do.

They will have a number of years’ experience and training to ensure they are the best in what they do. They will be a specialist in their market, able to provide market intelligence and insight to help you better position yourself in the market, improve your Employee Value Proposition and ultimately hire you an A Player.



As my decorator can ‘hook me up’ with a good roofer, an experienced agency such as Strive, has extensive networks which they can tap into to both headhunt those true A Players, or to get referrals to a wider pool of talent.

 As we always say: “The best sales people know the best sales people”.

The right agency can increase your Total Addressable Market (TAM) through these networks. If you feel like you are always fishing in the same pool, these networks could prove invaluable.

This could also have an extremely positive impact on Diversity and Inclusion in your hiring process.


The right result - guaranteed:

When my decorator has finished the project, my house will look amazing. And if it doesn’t, he will return to sort anything on my snagging list. We have agreed in advance, both the work to be completed and the timescale in which it will be done.

Working with agencies such as Strive Sales, who operate a retained model, you can literally guarantee a successful outcome. This can be particularly important when you are looking for a scarce skillset, operating in a highly competitive market or looking for a challenging hire.

So, I ask the question again, why do we avoid obtaining external help?

But ultimately the only question that is haunting me personally is:

Why didn’t I seek external help sooner?

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