Team Welcome: Jess Hilton


We are pleased to welcome Jess Hilton to the Strive team!

Jess is joining us as a HeadHunter, focusing on the Cyber Security market in the Benelux Region. 

As usual, we asked her a few questions: 

Why did you want to join Strive?

Strive stood out to me as a company that I was keen to work for, because of their dedication to aggressive growth, through building trustworthy and long-lasting relationships. There is a vast opportunity for me to grow and develop, as the business does, through hard work and dedication.


What are your personal goals?

My personal goal in life and at Strive is to push myself to be the best that I can be by developing on and refining my sales and recruitment skills. I am confident that a career at Strive can help me achieve a long-term goal of being able to buy my Parents a holiday home in St Ives.


What does good service look like to you?

Good service to me is built around honesty, transparency and leaving no stone unturned.

To find out more about Jess, please visit her LinkedIn profile - or give her a call on 0203 983 0770.

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