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Stopping Identity Thieves. Stopping Terrorism. Eliminating all online Fraud. After you’ve sold a solution which does all 3, you can genuinely say you’ve contributed to making the world a safer place.

Picture yourself, working for THE fastest growing cyber vendor to EVER come out of Silicon Valley, with a Phenomenal leadership team hailing from some of THE most prestigious Defence and Intelligence institutions in the world. Pretty attractive proposition, don’t you think?


Having successfully prevented over $1B in fraud losses for Major retailers, the top 5 Financial institutions in the US, airlines and government agencies, it’s clear to see why they have reached unicorn status in just 7 years!


With nearly $200M in funding, the business is looking to continue their expansion in the Large enterprise space and ultimately, they need a salesperson of your calibre to establish and build relationships with some of the most senior business leaders in the region, to help grow their largest accounts and help bring on board new Logos.


100% of the team significantly over-achieved their quota last year, resulting in them earning some of the biggest commission packages of their careers.


A strong value driven company, they invest as much into their workers as they do the business.

Housing, travel, education. Three of the biggest financial headaches people face, imagine a company that covers those areas for you. A company willing to truly invest in their employees.


I’m confident after reading this, you’ll be keen to know more. No difficult application process, don’t even worry if you haven’t got an up-to-date CV. Just pick up the phone and give me a ring or let me know a convenient time to call.



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