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Why is now a good time to look to move roles?
A lot of people in a huge variety of sectors often have the same idea at the start of the year: new year, new job. Whether you’ve been looking for a new role for a while already, or you are kick-starting the new year by looking for a new job
Why you should 'double down' on hiring now
Is now the right time to hire more salespeople? Is economic uncertainty something to worry about? Are there enough high-quality candidates out there? What is your competition doing in terms of their recruitment efforts?
What will a successful go-to-market team look like in 2023?
Attention SaaS company owners: 2023 is the year you need to pinpoint your precise go-to-market strategy, and develop a best-in-class GTM team. Why? Because if you don’t, you’ll fall behind the competition. It’s that simple.
Why empowering your salespeople should be your number one priority
SaaS companies that are looking to scale - or even achieve hypergrowth - in their near future should be aware of one key thing when deciding what to invest in: your employees are your biggest asset.
Why career development opportunities are vital in SaaS businesses
SaaS companies that are either a) scaling, or b) on track to achieve hypergrowth, should be aware of one very important factor: providing your employees with career development opportunities is vital.
Strive welcomes two new key hires
We have always been firm believers in only hiring the best here at Strive, so we are especially pleased to welcome two key hires, as we enter our hypergrowth period.
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